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I only have a few entries for this at the moment, but these are so good that I just HAD to devote a page to letting you know about them. As I learn of other gems like these, I'll add them...

MINOX Shutter Blades and Springs:
A wonderful gentleman named Marty Doctor went to the trouble and expense to design, tool and produce a set of replacement shutter blades and springs for the MINOX subminiature cameras... parts which the manufacturer can't be bothered with any more. I can personally attest that these are not just equal but BETTER than the original blades, and Marty went to considerable trouble to prove them out and make improvements where he found the opportunity to do so. ORDER THEM HERE.

Speaking of Minoxes, and also Rolleis and Leicas:
One of the most famous repairers, certainly where Minoxes are concerned, is DAG Camera. In additon to repair services, though, he also carries a supply of Minox and Leica Parts.

Light Seals, Mirror Bumper Foam, Etc:
Materials for this aren't exactly hard to find, I guess; seems like everybody you run into either has advice on something to use or else actually has some for sale. However, Jon Goodman has put together some excellent kits that include precut pieces of a variety of materials (with and without adhesive backing) for your various needs, plus an excellent little installation tool and thorough, clear instructions based on his own experience with a large number of different camera types. In addition, he's also working on sourcing shutter curtain and ribbon stock for your more ambitious DIY projects. He's hoping to get a web site together soon, but in the meantime you can reach him by email at Be sure to put "LIGHT SEALS" in the subject line of your message when you write.

Battery Adapters for your old Mercury Cell cameras!
Jon Goodman (yeah, the same guy that makes the great seal kits mentioned above) has created a neat drop-in adapter to fit inexpensive #675 Zinc/Air cells into your cameras that used to take a PX625 battery (you can see a discussion of this here. Jon's adapters will fit the 675 cell into ANY PX625 camera, they are inexpensive and they make the ZA675 a true drop-in solution. As above, you can reach Jon at Please include "625 Battery Adapter" in your subject line.

Replacement quick-release shoes for Tripods
This is sort of against my principles because I haven't dealt with them personally; but it's something that comes up pretty often and I hadn't realized it was out there until i got an email pointing it out. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to use an expensive tripod because you can't find the stupid little foot thing to attach the camera to it. So, Here They Are. They seem to have a good selection....

Retina Cocking Racks, Leatherette, Shutter Fabric, Etc...
You probably already know this one, but I'll include it just in case. Micro-Tools has the best selection of tools and general supplies for camera repair that I know of anywhere, and they also have a limited supply of a few hard-to-find special parts such as shutter-cocking racks for the Retina III series cameras. I also buy Morocco grain pigskin from
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